Welcome to Flute Street

Welcome to Flute Street where we play EIGHT (8) varieties of the modern flute, from the tiny piccolo through to the awesome double contrabass flute. Yes, those are all flutes in the photo above!

Upcoming Concerts

Dances with Flutes

1 October 2023 @ 4 pm

St Peter and St Simon-the-Apostle
525 Bloor Street E (Sherbourne subway)

A Piazzola tango, a renaissance basse dance, some ballet music from Petrushka and the Canadian premiere of the sensational and original Juba Dance by Valerie Coleman are all part of the lively celebration. Be there to hear this and more performed by Toronto’s unique, upbeat twelve-member chamber orchestra comprised exclusively of flutes …

About Flute Street

Flute Street performs music from the rapidly expanding repertoire of original flute choir compositions, sprinkled with a few transcriptions and well-crafted settings of folk songs, jazz and popular tunes.

This year marks Flute Street’s Tenth Anniversary season.